KAB-Funded Internship Awards

The KAB is dedicating financial support to help grow the next generation of Kansas broadcasters. We're funding a limited number of internships at TV and radio stations across Kansas annually. 

All selected stations will receive $3,000 earmarked for any internship period in the calendar year. Applications are considered on a first come first served basis.

Every member station is eligible to receive KAB internship funding once each calendar year. Submit spring semester internships applications by Dec. 1; summer internship applications by April 1; and fall semester internship applications by July 1.

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What type of intern are you looking for, and what area of your business will the intern work within? Stations will be chosen based on the internships that seem to best expose students to the unique job opportunities in Kansas broadcasting, with a focus on innovation, tough-to-fill or new areas of our business, and full immersion into station operations. Please explain in detail.