Broadcast Scholarship Form

Broadcast Scholarship Program

Kansas College Students: Juniors or above at a four-year college; or sophomores at a two-year college

Recipients total up to $20,000 in grants! Deadline to apply is May 1. This form will become available for application submission the week of January 1.

The Purpose

By endorsing and supporting quality education, the members of the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) and KAB Foundation (KABF) are helping to guarantee the future of broadcasting in Kansas. The KAB and KABF have established a scholarship fund to aid in the higher education of promising students. The purpose is:

  • To support potential and commitment in promising future broadcasters,
  • To encourage a high standard of professionalism in the industry,
  • To foster a strong relationship between higher education and the profession, and
  • To promote a greater understanding of journalistic ethics and societal responsibility of broadcasters.

To Qualify Applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Be a Kansas resident,
  • Attend a Kansas post-secondary institution (two-or four-year college),
  • If attending a four-year college, applicants must be entering their junior year or above. If attending a two-year school, applicants must be entering their sophomore year,
  • Enrolled in a broadcast or related curriculum,
  • Enrolled in at least 12 hours each semester the scholarship is in effect,
  • Grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent,
  • Complete the application making sure it is signed by college department head certifying the applicant  meets the eligibility criteria.

Previous winners are eligible.

The Scholarship

The KAB makes available annually broadcast scholarship awards for tuition and books. Applicants determined to be the best candidates will receive a scholarship award without regard to their enrollment in a four-year or two-year college, or a technical or trade school.

Awards will be paid in two installments to the school registrar prior to fall and spring enrollment. The spring installment is contingent on the student continuing to meet the scholarship criteria.

Selection Criteria

Financial need may be considered. Applicants are asked to indicate how their education is being funded.

Judges will consider depth of thought, clarity of expression and commitment to broadcasting as primary. Extracurricular activities, community involvement and legibility also will be considered.

Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, broadcaster and/or other businessperson.

Application Procedure

Applications must be received by midnight on May 1. Judges will screen the applications to determine who will receive a personal interview. The Scholarship Committee will invite up to ten applicants for a personal interview in Topeka in late May. Winners will be notified in late May/early June.

The Sponsor

Kansas Association of Broadcasters is a statewide trade association with a membership of radio and television stations serving Kansas. KAB has a keen interest in the excellence of broadcast education. Consistent with this interest and to lend tangible support, KAB and the KAB Foundation have established this scholarship program to encourage students of the highest caliber to enter broadcasting as a career and to seek the highest quality education in the field. The scholarship program reflects KAB’s and our member stations’ commitment to equal opportunities in education and employment.

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Applicant Information

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Applicant Career

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Please submit 150 words or less PER QUESTION (double spaced) addressing the following: (must be PDF format). Ensure your name is at the top of your document.

Why did you select broadcasting as your career choice?

What specific area of broadcasting most interests you and why?

What is your eventual career goal?

What is the most significant current event you have experienced in your lifetime, and what role did broadcast play in that event?

Describe your most rewarding broadcast-related experience.

In thinking of your future career in broadcasting, how would you perceive your responsibility as far as giving something back to your community?

You've been asked to go back to your old high school and speak to the students who might be interested in broadcast. What would you try to tell/sell them?

What do you think about broadcast advertising and its importance to a station?

How has the FCC’s role in broadcasting helped or hurt?

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Dept. Head Certification

Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, broadcaster and/or other businessperson. Must be in PDF format.

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